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Tailoring support for our fitness members

We're grateful when you choose to become a member at one of our locations.

To do our bit, from the start we kick in with a tailored support programme to help you achieve the fitness you want. That might be 'fit enough to chase the kids around', or 'fit enough to do some serious training.'

A number of modules make up our complete support programme. We know that everyone's needs are different so, in consultation with you, we draw on the combination that will best serve you — getting (fit and) active your way!

Your induction

We listen to your story to understand your fitness goals, your exercise history and any health issues. We do some basic testing to establish your benchmarks and design a fitness programme to help you get active your way.

Group fitness induction

We show you how to set up your equipment for group fitness classes, and demonstrate some of the basic moves and etiquette to make sure you have fun from your first class.

Your first programme

We will take you through the exercises in your programme, demonstrating the technique before giving you a go. We observe and coach you to make sure you feel confident. We give you a programme card and show you how to fill it out and where to store it so together we can monitor your progress.

Checking in

We touch base to chat about your progress and adjust any movements that you find too challenging or too easy. It's a shared chance to give and receive feedback, so we can make sure you are enjoying your programme and that you are being challenged enough to get the results you want.

Lifestyle habits

We talk together about how your body responds to basic lifestyle habits like sleep, nutrition, hydration and stress. We don’t write eating plans (that's the role of a registered dietician), but we do give sound recommendations on how to make improvements in these areas so you achieve your goals faster.

Tracking and measuring

We repeat the benchmark testing carried out at induction, to track and explain your progress. We may suggest some adjustments to your programme to make sure you are on track to achieve your fitness goals.

Programme updates

We review your goals and progress and update the exercises in your programme accordingly. You may need a few changes, or you might want a total overhaul! Whichever the case, we suggest, you decide; we support, you get active your way.