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Pools and Leisure
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Water polo

No horsing around

Believed to have originated in Scotland in the late 19th century as a type of "water rugby", water polo is now a celebrated Olympic sport which is not only rich in tradition, but rich in health benefits too.

Just add water

Think of it as a combination between soccer and basketball, but in a pool!

Shape up or ship out

Like swimming, water polo helps you stay in shape. Very few sports require full body motion that promotes a healthy body and an upright posture. Not only will you improve your posture and stay fit you will also develop better lungs after training and swimming. You'll also notice greater flexibility and increased endurance.

Test the waters

The added resistance the water offers kicks every workout up a notch, providing both an aerobic and anaerobic workout in the process. Continuously treading water hoovers up the calories and creates a non-stop fat-burning workout.

In a league of their own

Water polo combines speed and strength, as well as teamwork and a high level of fitness. It also teaches discipline, fair play, dedication and resilience.

No 'I' in team

One of the best things is the team motivation factor. You are way more likely to come to practice when all your friends are there counting on you.

So why not join one of our water polo leagues? We're always on the lookout for new teams and players.

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