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Employers have a unique opportunity to improve the health and wellness of their staff, improve worker performance and reduce sick leave. Physically active employees are less likely to be overweight, have fewer chronic health conditions, lower levels of stress, miss fewer days of work and are more productive than sedentary co-workers.

Businesses that start corporate wellness programmes are not only investing in the physical and mental health of their employees; they are also taking preventive measures by creating a healthier environment.

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Workplace stress

Did you know that an estimated 40 per cent of workplace sick days in New Zealand are due to work-related stress?

Stress is a part of everyday life and can help motivate us. However, on-going stress in the workplace needs to be managed by the employer and employee. Workplace stress not only affects your physical, mental and emotional health but also causes lost productivity through increased sick leave and low staff morale. If left unmanaged, excessive and prolonged stress can potentially lead to a destructive burnout.

Signs of stress:

How will reducing employee stress benefit my business?

Employee illness and injury costs New Zealand businesses an estimated $3 billion a year (4-12 per cent of the payroll). Research shows that the average return on investment for wellness programmes is about 3:1 over a 36-month period. This means that for every $1 invested the average employer can expect to save about $3 on healthcare costs and absenteeism.

Benefits for the business:

Benefits for employees:


Corporate membership package

Support your employees with single or multi-access.

The corporate membership package offers discounted facility access with the option of a single or multi-access plan. The multi-access membership allows you to join one facility and have access to over 40 across the greater Auckland city. Perfect for staff who live and work in different areas.

Setting up a corporate membership package is hassle-free, requires minimal ongoing coordination and has many benefits.

How to sign up

Staff wanting to sign up will need to present a corporate eligibility letter that entitles them to the discount. This can be provided in both a hard copy and electronic file. If your company has staff photographic ID, this can be used instead of a letter. The first week’s membership along with the half price joining fee is required upon signup.

There is also a 20 per cent discount at our childcare facilities. As with membership, an eligibility letter or photographic ID will need to be presented at the time of enrolment along with the child’s birth and immunisation certificates.

We offer flexible payment options and EFTPOS facilities.

The Wellness offer can also include optional boot camps, team building days and challenges.


Waist Loss Challenge

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is vital to help prevent obesity. This includes regular exercise and healthy eating.

The 2012-13 New Zealand Health Survey found that almost one in three adults aged 15 years and over are obese (31 per cent), and a further 34 per cent are overweight (Ministry of Health). Studies show that measuring your waist is one of the most powerful ways to predict the risk of obesity and diabetes.

The purpose of our Waist Loss Challenge is to provide support and guidance to help reduce centimetres around your waist and increase your general health in the process.

Being obese puts your health at serious risk


Added package

Boot camp
Our four-week boot camp is fun, motivational and a great place for social support. It caters for all fitness levels and can be run at your workplace, a park, or at one of our facilities.

Team building days
These half-day sessions are unique, inspiring and innovative. They are tailored to your organisation giving staff the opportunity to engage outside the office and can help develop and improve different skill sets.

Get 20 per cent discount on childcare at 10 facilities across Auckland

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