February 29, 2016

Tepid Baths Spa Pool Reopened

A spa pool at Tepid Baths that had closed down two weeks ago after testing positive for legionella bacteria has been reopened.

The spa was opened again yesterday afternoon after being treated according to procedures recommended by the Auckland Regional Public Health Service, and confirmation that negative test results had been returned.

Auckland Council Acting Leisure Manager Michael Groom thanks pool users for their patience and understanding while the spa was shut.

“We take health protection very seriously and as soon as we were informed of the positive result, the pool was shut immediately.”

“Visitors to the Tepid Baths, particularly regular spa pool users, have been hugely understanding of the reasons for its closure and the need for us to be certain the pool was negative for the bacteria before it could be reopened,” adds Mr Groom.

The pool will continue to be monitored over the next three months to ensure testing for the bacteria remains negative.

Additionally, a new cleaning regime has been established throughout Auckland Council’s leisure facilities to minimise the risk of future occurrences of the bacteria, meaning processes for all spa pools exceed current New Zealand Standards.