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Auckland Leisure is rounding up a team for Round the Bays!

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Round the Bays is back for 2016 as one of the world’s largest fun runs, covering 8.4km of Auckland’s beautiful waterfront. This is one event you don’t want to miss, and Auckland Leisure is here to help get you to the starting line.

Join us and become part of Auckland Leisure’s Round the Bays team. Not only will your entry will be paid for, but you’ll also score yourself a t-shirt, bus transport (return transport to and from your nominated leisure centre, excluding Tepid Baths), an Auckland Council goodie bag, event refreshments, the support of a fun team and an overall awesome experience.

Registrations close on Thursday 18 February 2016, so contact your closest centre today!

Members: $45
Non-members: $55

Participating Auckland Council pools and leisure centres include:

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Join one of our fitness centres by 26 october 2015 and get benefits to the value of $200:

Member profile: Joshua and Mena from Otara Pool and Leisure Centre!


Meet Josh and Mena. Both have been coming to the gym at Otara Pool and Leisure Centre for many months, but recently they’ve been getting a few extra stares for all the right reasons! Josh has lost a whopping 80kg in just over a year and a half and Mena has lost an extraordinary 30kg over the last year.

How did they do it? Both incorporated regular exercise and healthy balanced eating into their lifestyle and over the course of time, they have achieved awesome results.

Find out what motivated them:


Joshua Good

Age: 21
Starting weight: 190-200kg
Current weight: 112.5kg
Total weight lost: Around 80kg
Favourite machine/exercise: Squats/deadlifts
Least favourite machine/exercise: Planks

How long did it take you to lose the weight?

Started in September 2013.

What advice would you give to someone starting out?

Just show up to the gym, and don’t think. Follow your workout and diet until it becomes second nature. And reward yourself ONLY when you have truly earned it. Also you won’t lose weight if your diet sucks, so don’t kid yourself.

Anything you would like to add about your journey?

Just care about your workout and diet regime, and if you truly do you will prioritise it and the results you desire will come.



Starting weight: 130kg
Current weight: 100kg
Total weight lost: 30kg
Favourite machine/exercise: Crosstrainer/boxing
Least favourite machine/exercise: Burpees and step ups

How long did it take you to lose the weight?

I started exercising in February 2014. I was on and off at the gym but still eating everything and anything. It wasn’t until April 2014 when I sorted out my eating and exercised consistently that I saw the results I was after. With the nutritional advice and encouragement from Byron, I was able to change my eating habits and till this day I have not turned back to eating the way I used to.

What advice would you give for someone starting out?

No matter how tired or lazy you feel, don’t give up. Your mind will come up with excuses for you to give up BUT don’t give in to it. Yes, it is hard; no one said it was easy.

Anything you would like to add about your journey?

My favourite quote is, “Failure to prepare is preparing to fail.” I now know that I need to prepare my food and prepare when I exercise if I want to give myself any chance of succeeding so I say this to all of you reading this: Prepare your week ahead and follow through with it – you can do it!

Fitness on the fast track


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Great end-of-summer specials are on now at a whole lot of our centres!

Check out the deals on in your closest centre, and get ready to fast-track your way to fitness with us!


Birkenhead Pool and Leisure Centre
Glenfield Pool and Leisure Centre
Takapuna Pool and Leisure Centre


Howick Leisure Centre
Lloyd Elsmore Park Pool and Leisure Centre
Marina Fitness


Allan Brewster Leisure Centre
Moana-Nui-a-Kiwa Pool and Leisure Centre
Otara Pool and Leisure Centre

Registration is now open for Round the Bays with Auckland Leisure!


We’re rounding up a team for Round the Bays!

Round the Bays 2015 WEBSITE banner 958x298px

The Round the Bays 8.4km course is one of the world’s largest fun runs – and we’d say it’s one of the prettiest as well. If you’ve always wanted to take part but didn’t know where to start, we’re here for you!

Sign up for our Round the Bays team and take part with us as part of the Auckland Leisure team! Not only will you get your entry paid for, you’ll also receive an awesome t-shirt, the support of a fun team, and an amazing experience to boot. Registrations to the run club* close 25 January 2015, while registrations to the Round the Bays Auckland Leisure team continue until 15 February 2015.

Earlybird price (available from 8-29 January)

Members – includes run club: $40
Non-members: $50

Standard price (available from 30 January – 15 February)

Members – includes run club: $50
Non-members: $55

Registration includes your entry in the 2015 event, an Auckland Leisure team t-shirt, bus transport (return transport to and from your nominated leisure centre), an Auckland Council goodie bag, event refreshments and the 6 week run club* including a training booklet. Registration closes 15 February so don’t miss out – contact your closest centre today!

Participating Auckland Council pools and leisure centres include:

Be sure to tag your progress on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with #runthiscityakl!

*The run club is available to members only.

Round the Bays 2015 is closer than you think!


The Ports of Auckland Round the Bays, one of the world’s largest fun runs, is taking place on 8 March 2015 – and Auckland Leisure is helping you take it on once again!

Round the Bays 2015 TWITTER banner 1024x512

We had a phenomenal time last year. Our team, made up of mini-teams from a whole lot of our centre, came third in the open team competition! It was an incredibly fun day, and the run-up to the day itself, with our six week running club, was also amazing.

So it should come as no surprise that we’re doing it all again!

Early-bird registration to take part in Round the Bays 2015 as part of the Auckland Leisure team will open 8 January 2015. Watch this space…

Sign up now for Whanau Nui in January!


Are you keen to feel safer and more confident with your children around water this summer?

Whanau Nui lessons are being run in conjunction with WaterSafe from a number of our centres, from 19-23 January 2015. These free lessons teach water safety and aquatic competence in a fun environment. Whanau Nui is on at Lloyd Elsmore Park Pool and Leisure Centre, Otara Pool and Leisure Centre, Papatoetoe Centennial Pools, Moana-Nui-a-Kiwa Pool and Leisure Centre, Manurewa Pool and Leisure Centre, Glenfield Pool and Leisure Centre, Stanmore Bay Pool and Leisure Centre and Birkenhead Pool and Leisure Centre. There are also lessons on in a number of CLM and YMCA-operated pools.

Whanau Nui 2015.

Enrol now – places are limited! – by calling the centre of your choice directly. Find out more on WaterSafe’s website.

Member profile: The amazing Helena and Sheradyn from Otara Fitness!


Meet Helena and Sheradyn, an incredible mother-daughter duo who have taken their health into their own hands!

Read on to find out why they took the leap and joined Otara Pool and Leisure Centre, in their own words.



Age: 43
Starting weight: 160kg
Current weight: 100kg
Total weight lost: 60kg
Favourite machine/exercise: Anything that involves a lot of cardio work like the treadmill orcross trainer, and a lot of core exercises
Least favourite machine/exercise: Bicycle

How long did it take you to lose the weight?

Three years: the first year I dropped 30kg, 2nd year another 30kg, and I’ve pretty much just hovered around 98kg – 100kg in the last year or so.

What advice would you give to someone starting out?

The advice I usually give people is, “just start”. What is 40-60min out of your day at least four times a week if it means saving your life in the end?! Do it with somebody you know who will push and watch you every step of the way. Take all the abuse, blood, guts and sweat that comes along with it! Oh and the tears, there were a lot of tears from me! Just think this time next year you could be a totally different you. If you’re not going to do it for yourself, focus on somebody important in your life that you can do it for – your kids, your parents, your partner, cat, dog…

Anything you would like to add about your journey?

For pretty much 20 years of my life I weighed in at around a staggering 160kg. I had high blood pressure during that time and was almost put on tablets to control it. When I started dropping weight, Fereni (my eldest), found it hard getting used to how I looked, only because most of her growing life she just saw a 160kg mama!

When I asked a very good friend to help me lose weight, he just nodded his head and said, “yes, okay, bring your shoes tomorrow.” We started with walking the inside of One Tree Hill (at this stage walking up One Tree Hill was a huge feat for me). We took on other challenges such as walking around the Domain towards Mt Eden and taking hourly walks each day. Before I knew it, what was once a very arduous task for me became something that I thoroughly enjoyed.

As an extra challenge I joined the Otara Fitness Centre and have never once looked back. The atmosphere here is absolutely wonderful. The people, the staff, and also the gym gives you every piece of equipment that you need to help you get to your goal weight. My two daughters have also jumped on board this weight loss journey. To date my 15 year old Sheradyn has dropped 26kg since she joined in November 2013. My 23 year old Fereni has lost 20kg.

So come on people – get serious and think of Obama – “yes we can” and just start. When you feel as though you want to throw in the towel just say to yourself, “I want to see a new me this time next year!” If I can do it, so can you…yeah YOU reading this!

Since losing the weight I’ve done some fabulous trips in the last three years, going twice to Europe and to Montreal and New York last year; something I never would’ve done at 160kg!

Best of luck everybody,




Age: 15
Starting weight: 120kg
Current weight: 94kg
Total weight lost: 26kg
Favourite machine/exercise: Cross trainer and the bike – it really gets my legs and thighs moving
Least favourite machine/exercise: Rower

How long did it take you to lose the weight?

One year to lose 26kg and still going. During the first two weeks I dropped 5kg, but from then on it started to get a little hard to lose weight therefore I had to amp up my exercises.

What advice would you give to someone starting out?

Be surrounded by positivity and stay away from foods that will tempt you. Get your eating right, start off by purchasing healthy foods and make the time to go for walks or jogs in your leisure. If there’s any time that you feel like you’re going to give up, think back to the person who you will become. Last but not least think of the future that lies ahead of you, how you see yourself, and the great things you will accomplish. Do this for yourself, because in the end no one is there to help you but yourself!

Anything you would like to add about your journey?

All my life I’ve grown up feasting on takeout and fizzy drinks – every night for dinner I’d go down to Mike’s Roasts and order a $7 packet of chips and chicken nibbles. Whenever my mum tried to help me I’d brush her off. It was not until one day, I came home exhausted from an outing in town. I can remember walking around huffing and puffing and it was that moment I realised that I needed to lose weight.

My mum was ecstatic and gushing in her seat, I still remember the look on her face and her saying to me that that is the best thing she could ever buy for me, my weekly subscription to the gym! If you think its easy losing, think again! I’ve always wanted to cave in but my instincts thought otherwise. My mum, bless her, was and still is my inspiration, she motivated me to become a better and healthier stronger me. So please! Be active, be hungry (to lose weight) and strive for more!

Thank you,


Otara Face to Face graduation

Otara Pool and Leisure Centre’s Face to Face graduation took place on Monday 17 November. It was a great opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the success of the graduates, as many had inspirational stories to share.

Congratulations to all the graduates:

Thais Afaese Cherie Anderson Haylee Antonio Selonia Apolosio
Moana Nui a Kiwa Biddle Derek Blake Terangi Dave Vishwa Deo
Lorenzo Emery Mareena Facoory Theresa Fatu Toni Fetu’u
Brittany Ford Dot Grant Azaalia Grey Joe Hedges
Meg Hedges Freda Hemana Shara Henderson Yee Man Ho
Robert Holland Dave Jackson Linda Jackson Roiti Kainga
Sandie Kaumoana Andre King Fiona King Pawan Kumar
Monica Leavai Rhiannon Leddra Yaoji Lu Jia Lu
David McKay Anthony McVey Veronica Moses Leata Mafuao
Nancy Makiangareu Sagar Makkar Vicky Martin Naomi Maruaao
Nilesh Mudaliar Marina Mekuri Maree Nesbit Tumau Helen Oge
Joyce Otikore-Joseph Thomas Pere Zanya Pirini Rufo Pupualii
Lucy Raihania Yvonne Reid Adam Shields Avdhesh Singh
Gursewak Singh Yadvinder Singh Joy Smith Phoenix Tavao
Rachel Taipari Glorianne Tango Manuele Teofilo Teei Terekia
Vaikini Teulilo Teremoana TeHira Elizabeth Tiumalu Peter Tou
Faraimo Tuifua Huina Tuporo Akapei Tupou Tira Tupou
Vincent Tupou Mary Tyrell Kopu Unuia Peter Vahaakolo
Joseph Vahaakolo Paul Vermaak Conn Waikari Erana Walker
Kellie-Marie Walker Stephani Walsh Timoti Wharewaka Bobbie Wong
Aya Yamagami

Find out more about the Face to Face fitness programme here!