East Coast Bays Leisure Centre


Join in and get involved! Our huge stadium is your local home for social sports, including indoor netball and indoor soccer for kids and adults, miniball and Little League. Enjoy some friendly competition with your peers, or just round up some friends and come down to casually use the space yourself!

School holiday programmes

Sign your kids up to our next school holiday programme and relax, knowing that they’re safe, happy and having a blast with their peers and our trained staff!

Our school holiday programmes feature a range of activities, from pool days to skating, baking and educational trips to museums like MOTAT, and are highly affordable. After-programme care can be added on for a small fee also.

Children’s dance

Get your kids active the fun way with children’s dance classes. Enrol your children and watch their confidence, stamina and coordination improve through learning and practising new choreography, routines and styles of dance! Dance School (PDF 4.3MB).

  • B Bop 5-7 yrs, 45 minutes, Wednesday 3.20pm
  • Funky Feet 8-12 yrs, 55 minutes, Tuesday 3.20pm
  • Balance & Bounce, 7-12 yrs, 55 minutes, Tuesday 4.15pm

B BOP: 5-7 YEARS (maximum 15)

45 mins

Does you’re child enjoy dancing at home? Creating their own unique routines? If so this is the ultimate in classes! The syllabus concentrates on rhythm, song, sound and movement with the purpose of encouraging creative artistic dance expression. Bring your child’s love of dance to life!

FUNKY FEET: 8-12 YEARS (maximum 15)

55 mins

This class allows dancers to develop base skills into actual hip hop routines. Dancers will begin to master these very funky synchronized skills in an upbeat and fun environment whilst learning that movement and dance is an energized way to stay active.

Pre-school Gym

This is a fun introduction to gymnastics for your pre-schooler. Our instructors will help them develop flexibility, strength, co-ordination, social and problem-solving skills. Pre-school Gym runs school term only. Pre-school Gym (PDF 367KB).