Education outside the classroom


Welcome to Birkenhead Pool and Leisure Centre’s Education outside the Classroom (EOTC) programmes.

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Who we are

We are qualified outdoor professionals who are passionate about delivering Aucklanders educational, fun programmes in a safe environment.

As part of Auckland Council we operate throughout the greater Auckland area. Based at Birkenhead Pool and Leisure (10 minutes from the CBD), we travel to schools, parks, lakes, islands, forests and the ocean. Take a look at our range of activities!

What we do

As a community provider we keep the outdoors accessible, offering Aucklanders complete, cost effective packages delivered by outdoor professionals.

We offer a vast range of educational activity choices using our own facilities and the surrounding natural environment for an unforgettable learning experience. We always keep the fun factor high!

When creating programmes we incorporate the “Five Key Competencies” as outlined by the Ministry of Education:

Our outdoor education helps students develop all of these competencies by teaching problem solving, communication, trust building and team based skills. Each activity teaches new skills and we provide the space and encouragement for students to gain practical experience. For example raft building includes knot tying, lashing and water safety knowledge and the build challenge
drives problem solving, teamwork and a great wet test!

What we offer

EOTC offers students positive educational opportunities through adventure and challenge. Students gain confidence and learn new practical skills, whilst pushing themselves both mentally and physically in a safe environment.

Our experienced instructors will listen to the school parameters and interests then provide a customised EOTC package to match. The teacher’s group objectives, student age range, ability, budget and transport needs are all taken into account.

EOTC school packages can range from one activity on school grounds through to an entire outdoor week and camp at special Auckland locations. Many activities have indoor and outdoor options. We offer seasonally adjusted programmes and pricing.

The majority of activities cost between $9 and $14 per student and run for 1-2 hours but it is possible to have a whole day of activity for as little as $25 per student!

Because our packages are flexible and each school has different needs we encourage teachers to call us to discuss their schools objectives. You might be surprised with what we can achieve!

Our own Risk Analysis Management Systems, Equipment Checklists and Medical Disclosure of Risk forms ensure safe and effective operating conditions. We will provide schools with checklists and forms in advance to make preparation easy and can even give suggestions towards lesson plans for pre- and post-event classes. We want all students and teachers to take away as much as possible from their experience with us.

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Concentration, accuracy and problem solving. Learn about and judge trajectory, wind strength and direction. Regular Robin Hood archery and using distance limiting variation arrow, the luflu, landing them on top of a series of targets. One of our most popular activities!

Bush survival
Learn to prepare and walk in the New Zealand bush. A practical guide on how to pack, read a map, deliver basic First Aid and build an emergency shelter known as a Bivouac. Core skills for any bush adventurer and an excellent activity to pair with camp cooking or to run as part of a school camp.

Chariot building
Learn how to tie knots and get the wheels moving in the construction a chariot. Carry a teammate to the finish line in a chariot race. An exercise in trust. Throw in a bit of history and you have a very interesting and action packed activity.

Rock climbing
Climbing is a problem solving activity that can push participants to their mental and physical limits while safely attempting to ascend to the top of rock climbing walls. We have a range of indoor climbing walls to suit all abilities and also special climbing locations around Auckland.

High ropes course
Experience high ropes at Birkenhead. Can your students conquer the sky winds, the high balance beam or take a leap across the platforms? There are many elements for instructors to choose from to fit with the competence and growing confidence of the group.

Learn how to paddle, turn and stop your kayak. Water safety and canoe polo will be taught as well. Find your adventure in the pool, lake or ocean. Great paired with any activity at Birkenhead or make it an adventure off site and add some navigation.

Low ropes course
Balance, team building and communication are the key here. This activity encourages students to work together to solve problems in getting from A to B and back again.

Learn to read a map and compass. This activity will help students with skills important to negotiating the bush. It is a great activity to get students active, making their own decisions. A great choice for your local park, on a camp or prior to a bush walk.

Raft building
Learn a variety of knots and lashing before rafters are challenged to build a structure from materials provided, capable of transporting the participants across the heated outdoor pool or on lake side. This activity is excellent at developing teamwork.

Team initiatives
Throw students into scenarios where they have to work together if they want to be successful. Develop leadership, teamwork and communication skills to achieve goals set during problem solving based situations. Race other teams. Great for breaking down barriers.

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