November 14, 2013

Lloyd Elsmore Park Pool and Leisure Centre key motivation in marathon

Lloyd Elsmore Park Pool and Leisure Centre established a running club earlier this year. Aimed at novice runners who were keen to do the Auckland Half Marathon but needed a bit of an extra push, the club saw five of its participants complete 25 weeks of training and do the half marathon on 3 November. Here, one of the participants talks about his experience of the half marathon.

“For the record – YES I managed to run the whole half marathon despite my leg injury. I really enjoyed the first 10-12 kms but it started to get harder after that and I was pretty much just hanging on at the end. I finished with a net time of 2:02 which I’m happy enough with, and I got a great buzz out of being able to run the whole distance.

It would have been great to break 2 hours but I guess that’s something to work towards next time.

I would really like to thank the team at Lloyd Elsmore for putting on the Running Club program and giving me a gentle push towards it. If you hadn’t done so then I wouldn’t have managed what I believe to be a considerable achievement in running the Auckland Half Marathon, as I never really thought myself to be capable of running 21km non-stop before.

I enjoyed the company of the other runners and looked forward to meeting up with them every Sunday for our weekly group runs.

The program was long, but I think it needed to be. I believe the work we had done all through winter was what enabled me to complete the half marathon despite the fact that I had been carrying an injury which curtailed my training for the last month.

If you are going to run this program again in the future then consider my name at the top of the sign up sheet!”

– David P, Running Club member

Many congratulations to David and all our other Running Club members!