November 25, 2013

Lloyd Elsmore now 157.3kg lighter

Lloyd Elsmore Park Pool and Leisure Centre recently held a prizegiving for the participants of their first ever weight loss challenge – a six week programme for those who were keen to get a bit more in shape in a healthy, supportive way.

Beginning 5 August, the weight loss challenge consisted of a simple weekly weigh in, along with support via nutritional and exercise advice emails. If a participant gained weight they added $5 to the penalty jar, and if they chose not to weigh in they added $5 to the jar…but if they lost weight, nothing was payable. At the end of the challenge, the person to have lost the highest percentage of body weight walked away with the contents of the penalty jar!

Of the 40 participants, 39 lost weight, with a total of 157.3kg lost between them. Many congratulations to all those who took part, including the top five:

Frik Pretorius: 13.37% of body weight lost
Yoga Aryn: 11.4% of body weight lost
Scott Dickensen: 9.41% of body weight lost
Jill Sinden: 7.3% of body weight lost
Kevin Wroth: 7% of body weight lost

The motivation and hard work displayed was truly awesome and inspirational. Watch this space for Lloyd Elsmore Park Pool and Leisure Centre’s next weight loss challenge!