Liquor licence information

Why do I need a Liquor Licence?

Selling or having liquor consumed in a community facility requires a special liquor licence. Auckland Council Pools and Leisure will supply the application form, but it’s the hiree’s responsibility to obtain the licence from the District Licensing Agency.

The special licence legally allows liquor to be sold or consumed on the premises. It will detail specific conditions that you must comply with. These conditions include when liquor can be sold or consumed and rules around providing food, low and non-alcoholic beverages at your event/function.

You do not need a special licence when:

The District Licensing Agency may also require that you have one or more persons who are not drinking to oversee the event. These persons would then be held responsible for the conduct of the licence.

When you make an application for a special licence, you need to allow approximately five weeks processing time for the District Licensing Agency and NZ Police approvals. That means five weeks (25 working days) from the time you lodge the application to the day of the event.

When you lodge your application, you will also need to provide information about the event:

Please note: Fundraising events are to be ticket entry only, and you must not sell more tickets than the premises will hold (i.e. if the hall holds 200 persons then you have 200 tickets to sell total with no door sales on the night).

If you have further queries regarding liquor licencing, please see Auckland Council’s website.