Let’s Make it fit


30 amazing minutes

Finding time to work out can be difficult. A busy job, family, friends – life can mean that your own health and well being can take a backseat.

You need an effective solution that can fit around your lifestyle; you want to feel and see results from your investment of time.

Auckland Council Pools and Leisure understands this. To help, we’ve developed Let’s make it fit – 30 amazing minutes you will want to fit into your life! Let’s make it fit is a programme made for you that will enable you to fit activity into your life in a fun and sustainable way.

Give us 30 minutes of your time three times a week and we can help you to get in, get it done and get on with your day. Three 30 minute sessions per week will enable you to meet the Ministry of Health’s physical activity recommendations.

Workouts made for you

Your journey will start with an individual consultation where our professional and friendly trainers will seek to understand your well being, goals, exercise history, likes and dislikes and any existing injuries or medical conditions.

Using this information, we will develop your first tailored plan and show you how to do everything safely and efficiently.

Depending on your unique needs, your Let’s make it fit solution may include in-centre resistance training, group fitness, small group training, swimming, aqua jogging or workouts that you can do at home or wherever you may be.

We’ll be with you on your journey and your programme will be refreshed every six to eight weeks. This will ensure you get something fresher, more challenging, or better matched to your needs as your needs change.

Each of our 15 locations across the Auckland region has qualified professional trainers, modern equipment and a wide range of exercise options.

We look forward to being your guide on your journey to your chosen destination.