Haiwiki Toa – a unique Māori endurance event


Unleash the warrior within at Haiwiki Toa.

It’s time for all-comers to start training for Hawaiki Toa, a unique Māori endurance event which includes a run, swim and obstacle course at the world-class Vector Wero White Water Park, Manukau Auckland on 17 November 2018.

Hawaiki Toa is a diverse event that welcomes men, women, whanau and corporate groups to challenge themselves at various levels in this unique experience.

Centred around the elements of the gods, Hawaiki Toa incorporates significant themes of navigation, cultivation, and life inside a Maori fortress. On each leg of the course, you will encounter uniquely Māori challenges.

Events cover three levels of fitness– beginners, intermediate and advanced.

For more information on what’s in store and to register visit hawaikitoa.com