Face2Face is our way of giving you the tools you need to get the very most out of your fitness membership with Auckland Council Pools and Leisure. We’re not interested in just selling you a gym membership; we want you to achieve the results you want, and we want to help you with that, every step of the way.

  • Get a true picture of your current health and fitness
  • Work with our trained fitness professionals to decide what you want to achieve
  • Get a fitness programme designed just for you and your goals
  • Learn about what your body needs
  • Stay motivated
  • Stay on track
  • Get results – then do it again

When you sign up for a fitness membership at your local fitness centre, you’ll get five one-on-one sessions with one of our trained fitness professionals. This is your chance to truly find out where your health and fitness currently is, and work with your trainer to decide where you want it to be, and how you’re going to get there. You’ll have a fitness programme written specifically for you, and your trainer will show you how to do it and make sure it’s meeting your needs. You’ll also have the opportunity to discuss nutrition and your lifestyle with your trainer, and be given further takeaway information to refer back to whenever you want and need.

After your five sessions you’ll graduate – but that doesn’t mean it’s all over! You can keep checking in with us every 6-8 weeks for programme updates to help keep you motivated and to make sure your results are as strong as they possibly can be. Of course, our fitness staff are always on the floor, ready to help you with anything you want to know at any time. We want the same things you want – come and talk to us today and find out how to get them!