Terms and Conditions

We want to keep you and your community safe and having a great time in our centres, so we have a few terms and conditions. They’re not hard but they are important – read on to make sure you’re on board with everything!

Pool rules

Please help us keep your children and families safe at our facilities by following these simple rules.Children 10 years and under:

  • Must be actively supervised by a caregiver 17 years or older.

Actively supervised means:

  • Watching your children at all times and able to provide immediate help.
  • At a close distance where you can see, hear and be heard by your child. Your child must be able to see you.

Children 4 years and under:

  • In pools other than shallow toddler pools, children must be accompanied in the pool and within arms reach of a caregiver 17 years or older.

Maximum adult to child ratios:

  • One adult to two under 5 year olds
  • One adult to four 5-10 year olds
  • One adult to one under 5 year old and three 5-10 year olds

Adult to child ratios in the pool.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.


What to wear in the pool:

What to wear in the pool.

Swim school

These terms and conditions apply to all Auckland Council Swim School programmes. By making payment in part or in full you accept these terms and conditions. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the facility Swim School Coordinator.


  • Payment must be made on or before the last working day of the previous scheduled swim school term, or bookings will be cancelled.
  • Please note that online payments made through our secure portal will take one business day to be processed. Please allow for that when making payment using this method.

Cancellations, Credits, Makeup lessons and Refunds

  • If Auckland Council Swim School cancels a swimming lesson which has been paid for in full, a credit will be issued for the lesson to your Swim School account.
  • Each Swimmer will be entitled to 1 credit or make up lesson per term for genuine sickness reasons, on the following basis:
    • You must give notice before the start of the missed lesson. Email, phone call or leaving a message is acceptable.
    • No credit or make up lesson will be given if there is no record of notice being given.
    • A medical certificate may be required.
    • Make up lessons can only be booked after week 5 of the term and only after the sick swimmer has returned the following week for their lesson.
    • Where make up lessons are unavailable, a credit will be applied to your swim school account and may be redeemable against another set of lessons (this cannot be redeemed as a cash refund).
    • Make up and credit lessons are non transferable between persons and other conditions may apply in certain circumstances.
  • Should a serious medical condition or injury prevent swimmers from attending, a credit can be applied. A medical certificate will be required for our records.
  • If the customer does not wish to continue for personal reasons and requests a refund for the balance of a term, this will incur an administration fee of $26.00.
  • Auckland Council Swim Schools do not run lessons on Public Holidays and term fees will be prorated accordingly.

Data collection, photography and recording of swimming lessons

  • Your information may be used for Auckland Council marketing purposes and to inform you of services and special offers. Please contact your local swim school if you wish to opt-out. This will not be given to third parties.
  • Auckland Council Swim School reserves the right to take photos or videos of groups of swimmers in their lessons, and you consent to us using this material for our reasonable promotional and training purposes by agreeing to the terms and conditions upon enrolment. We will seek your consent before using any recognisable photo or video featuring an individual swimmer.
  • No one else may take photos or videos at the facility except with the prior consent of the swimming teacher in charge of the lesson. If permission is given, you must not take photos of anyone other than your own children.

Membership cards

  • A membership card will be issued upon your enrolment with Auckland Council Swim School.
  • This card must be swiped each time you enter the facility to take part in the Auckland Council Swim School.
  • If you lose your existing membership card a fee will be charged to replace this card.
  • Membership cards are only to be used by the person whose name appears on the card.
  • Please retain your membership card as the same card will be reactivated once you have re-enrolled for the following term.

Pool rules and hygiene

  • You must follow all Facility rules and the instructions of staff on duty.
  • Swim caps are to be worn at all times during swimming lessons (under 3yrs excluded).
  • Please shower before entering the pool.
  • Swimmer nappies must be worn by all children under the age of 3yrs.
  • Appropriate swim wear must be worn at all times. Please see pool rules in the facility for more information.


  • Auckland Council reserves the right to increase swim lesson fees.
  • Auckland Council reserves the right to adjust the lesson timetable at any time but will give customers reasonable notice if this is the case.
  • You must inform your swim teacher of any medical conditions before commencing lessons.
  • Please advise us promptly of any change to your contact details.


Auckland Council Swim School will endeavour to offer the highest quality lessons. If you have any concerns throughout the term, please contact the facility Swim School Coordinator to discuss these concerns and/or make alternative arrangements.

Venue hire

Hire charges

All payments must be made in advance. If all charges are not paid by the due date, Auckland Council Pools and Leisure reserves the right to cancel the booking. Tables and chairs are included in the cost of hire. A surcharge will be added to hire fees for bookings on public holidays.


A refundable bond is required for bookings. Deductions from the bond will occur if:

  • The facility or any equipment or fittings are damaged
  • Extra cleaning is required
  • You enter onto or remain in the facility outside of the booked period
  • Rubbish is left either inside and/or outside the facility
  • Any other breach of these conditions has occurred, resulting in call out charges or other costs to Auckland Council Pools and Leisure.

Otherwise the bond will be returned in full.

Hours of use

Hirers may not enter the facility until the time booked and all users must vacate the hall at the completion of the booked period. The booking period must include setting up, dismantling and cleaning of the facility.

Pool hireage

Our standard pool rules apply to pool hireage. All pools are alcohol free.

Liquor licence

No liquor is to be sold, supplied or consumed without a special licence from the Liquor Licensing Agency. Application forms are available at the time of booking from the centre or hall administrator. The licence must be displayed on the premises throughout the duration of the booking. If a special licence is not approved by the date of booking the facility, then supply or consumption of alcohol is prohibited.


Noise from amplifiers and loudspeakers must be kept to a moderate level at all times. Failure to comply with this condition may result in the early closure of your function.

Supervision of children

Please ensure all children are supervised at all times.


The hirer is responsible for:

  • Securing the facility upon completion of the function
  • Ensuring all lights, heaters, stoves and electrical appliances are turned off, and windows and doors are closed and locked
  • A security guard may be required for some functions. An additional cost for this service will be added to the hire charge.

Fire safety

Every hirer is required to be familiar with the procedure for evacuation of the facility in case of fire. In the event of a fire, evacuate the facility immediately, then notify the fire brigade by phoning 111.

Cleaning and rubbish removal

Hirers are responsible for cleaning the facility. Cleaning materials including mops and brooms are provided. Chairs and tables must be cleaned and returned to their original location. Cleaning of the facility must be completed within the booking times. Hirers must remove all rubbish from the facility at the completion of cleaning. This includes removal of rubbish from the carpark and adjacent grounds.

A Contracted Cleaner may be required for some functions. An additional cost for this service will be added to the hire charge.

The following are prohibited from our facilities:

  • No smoking or chewing gum
  • No use of ballroom powder or confetti
  • No decorations may be attached to, or hung from any part of the facility without prior written approval of Auckland Council Pools and Leisure
  • No open fires, naked flames, BBQs or spits (including candles and kerosene lamps) are to be used inside
  • Pianos are not to be moved without prior consent of the centre or hall custodian


Auckland Council Pools and Leisure reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee of 25% of the total hire charge if the hirer cancels within one month of the booking date. Auckland Council Pools and Leisure reserves the right to vary or cancel any bookings with one calender month’s notice being given:

  • Outside 30 days – full refund
  • Within 30 days – 25% of total fee retained
  • Within 14 days – 50% of total fee retained
  • Within 7 days – 100% of total fee retained

Breach of conditions

Any breach of these conditions may result in:

  • Forfeit of all or part of the bond
  • Closure of function
  • Refusal to accept future bookings
  • Extra charges being incurred

Loss or damage

Auckland Council Pools and Leisure accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to any property which may be brought to the facility, whether within or outside the premises, and does not provide any insurance cover for such property, including property left secured in any storage facility which may be provided.

Right of refusal to hire

Auckland Council Pools and Leisure may, at its discretion, refuse any application for hire and may cancel any booking without assigning a reason (in which case all monies paid will be returned in full).

Auckland Council Pools and Leisure staff

Auckland Council Pools and Leisure reserves the right at any time for its staff, and the staff of Auckland Council, to be present in any Auckland Council Pools and Leisure facility.

Note: These conditions are a summary only. A full copy should be read when signing the facility hire agreement.